EN388:2016 Abrasion
EN388:2016 Cut resistance
EN388:2016 Tear resistance
EN388:2016 Puncture resistance
EN388:2016 Cut resistance
EN 420:2003+A1:2009 Category
UNE-EN 388:2004 Abrasion
UNE-EN 388:2004 Blade Cut Resistance
UNE-EN 388:2004 Tear resistance
UNE-EN 388:2004 Puncture Resistance
EN 511:2006 Convective cold resistance
EN 511:2006 Contact cold resistance
EN 511:2006 Impermeability
EN 407:2005 Inflammability
EN 407:2005 Contact heat
EN 407:2005 Convective heat
EN 407:2005 Radiant heat
EN 407:2005 Small splashes of molten metal
EN 407:2005 Large masses of molten material
UNE-EN 381-7:2000 Class
EN 12477:2001 + A1:2005 Kind
EN ISO 374-1:2016 Kind
EN374-A Methanol
EN374-K Sodium hydroxide 40%
EN374-L Sulfuric acid 96%
EN374-M Nitric acid 65%
EN374-O Ammonium hydroxide 25 25%
EN374-T Formaldehyde 37%
EN374-J n-Heptane
EN 16350:2014 Index (10 High)

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