EN388:2016 Abrasion
EN388:2016 Cut resistance
EN388:2016 Tear resistance
EN388:2016 Puncture resistance
EN388:2016 Cut resistance
EN 420:2003+A1:2009 Category
UNE-EN 388:2004 Abrasion
UNE-EN 388:2004 Blade Cut Resistance
UNE-EN 388:2004 Tear resistance
UNE-EN 388:2004 Puncture Resistance
EN 511:2006 Convective cold resistance
EN 511:2006 Contact cold resistance
EN 511:2006 Impermeability
EN 407:2005 Inflammability
EN 407:2005 Contact heat
EN 407:2005 Convective heat
EN 407:2005 Radiant heat
EN 407:2005 Small splashes of molten metal
EN 407:2005 Large masses of molten material
EN 12477:2001 + A1:2005 Kind
EN ISO 374-1:2016 Kind
EN374-A Methanol
EN374-K Sodium hydroxide 40%
EN374-L Sulfuric acid 96%
EN374-M Nitric acid 65%
EN374-N Acetic acid 99%
EN374-O Ammonium hydroxide 25 25%
EN374-P Hydrogen peroxide 30%
EN374-S Hydrofluoric acid 40%
EN374-T Formaldehyde 37%
EN374-J n-Heptane
EN374-F Toluene
EN374-C Acetonitrile
EN374-E Carbon disulfide
EN374-G Diethylamine
EN 16350:2014 Index (10 High)
EN 60903:2003 Kind
EN388:2016 Impact resistence
EN374-B Acetone
EN374-I Ethyl acetate
EN 407:2020 Inflamabilidad
EN 407:2020 Calor por contacto
EN 407:2020 Calor convectivo
EN 407:2020 Calor radiante
EN 407:2020 Pequeñas salpicaduras de metal fundido
EN 407:2020 Grandes masas de material fundido

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TB, solutions for hand protection in the industrial sector. TB was born in 1973 and since then we have carried out a policy of technological and commercial alliances with internationally prestigious brands. We work every day to research, develop, promote and take care of the different hand protection solutions that we bring to the market. Here we present our 3 ranges of work gloves: Plus, 10Plus and Hybrid. The Hybrid product range is the beginning of a new path, of a superior category of safety gloves to perfect protection. Welcome to the era where we went from hedging one risk to hedging a scale of risks. Discover our catalog of Protective Gloves..