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-Flocked beige latex

-Thickness: 0,43 mm

-Length 30 cm

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-Latex: Provides a high level of comfort, flexibility and dexterity.


-Resistant against alcohols and detergents.

-A chlorinated finish facilitates putting on the glove and doesn't leave residues.

-Rolled border.


-Cat III: made under strict quality controls.

Standards UNE-EN 388: 2004
Standards 374-1
Standards UNE-EN 420:2004 + A1:2010
Standards UNE-EN 374:2004
Categoría declaración Categoría 3
Generar Declaración de Conformidad Si
Nº certificado G311/83232
Fecha certificación 2011-06-13
Laboratorio SGS
Interior material CLORINATED
Laboratorio control SGS
Risks Chemical Risks
Surface material LATEX
Brand TB
EN388:2004 – Puncture resistance 0
EN388:2004 – Tear resistance 0
Bag Family bag TOUCH
Box Brown box TB
Packing units 12 pairs / bag
Packing units 144 pairs / box
EN388:2004 – Abrasion resistance 2
EN388:2004 – Abrasion resistance 1
EN388:2004 – Abrasion resistance 0
Recommended uses Chemical products
EN388:2004 – Cut resistance 1
Recommended uses Cleaning companies
Recommended uses Dairy industry
EN388:2004 – Cut resistance 0
Recommended uses Canning and food processing