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Glove made of Softshell® fabric back and cuff.
Amara palm.
Digitized synthetic material reinforcements on palm.
Full Shield® lining for cut and heat protection.
Thermical elastane inner cuff.
Thinsulate® thermal insulation on back.
Waterproof, breathable and windproof membrane.
Touchscreen technology on index and thumb.
Elastic wrist adjustment. Adjustable cord with Tanka lock at end of cuff.
PVC carabiner to attach gloves together.

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Uses Police
Uses Corte
Presentation 1 pair bag / 1 pairs package / 1 pairs box
Numero certificación 0161/5809/18
Laboratorio nombre AITEX
Fecha certificacion 14/03/2018
Data sheet ES (POL1533 COLD) Ficha Tecnica ES.pdf
Data sheet EN (POL1533 COLD) Technical Sheet EN.pdf
Data sheet PT (POL1533 COLD) Ficha Tecnica PT.pdf
Declaration of conformity ES (POL1533 COLD) Declaracion conformidad ES.pdf
Declaration of conformity EN (POL1533 COLD) Declaration of conformity EN.pdf
Declaration of conformity PT (POL1533 COLD) Declaracao de conformidade PT.pdf
Standards EN 407:2005 Thermal Risks
Standards EN 511:2006 Hazards due to the cold
Standards EN388:2016 Mechanical hazards
Standards EN 420:2003+A1:2009
COD EN388:2016 Riesgos Mecánicos 2X32F
COD EN ISO 374-1:2016 Chemical hazards 1 |
COD EN 420:2003+A1:2009 Cat.II
Food: Regulation 10/2011 0
EN388:2016 Mechanical Risks 1
EN388:2016 Abrasion 2
EN388:2016 Cut resistance x
EN388:2016 Tear resistance 3
EN388:2016 Puncture resistance 2
EN388:2016 Cut resistance f
EN 407:2005 Thermal Risks 1
EN ISO 374-1:2016 Chemical hazards 1 0
EN ISO 374-5:2016 Microorganisms 0
UNE-EN ISO 13688:2013 Protective clothing 0
EN 420:2003+A1:2009 1
EN 420:2003+A1:2009 Category cat.ii
EN 511:2006 Cold Risks 1
EN 12477:2001 + A1:2005 Welder Protection 0
EN 60903:2003 Electrical Risks 0
UNE-EN 381-7:2000 Chain Cut Risk 0
EN 659:2003+A1:2008 Firefighter gloves 0
EN 16350:2014 Static electricity 0
UNE-EN ISO 10819:2014 Mechanical vibrations and shocks 0
UNE-EN 11611:2008 Protective clothing for welding and related 0
UNE-EN 421 Radiation 0
UNE-EN 13998:2004 Protective clothing 0
UNE-EN 1082-1/4:1997 Cutting and punctures 0
UNE-EN 455:2015 Disposable medical gloves 0
UNE-EN ISO 13997:2000 Protective clothing. Mechanical properties 0
UNE-EN ISO 13594:2015 Gloves for professional bikers 0
UNE-EN 388:2004 Mechanical Risks 0
COD EN 511:2006 Cold Risks 111
EN 511:2006 Convective cold resistance 1
EN 511:2006 Contact cold resistance 1
EN 511:2006 Impermeability 1
COD EN 407:2005 Thermal Risks X1XXXX
EN 407:2005 Inflammability x
EN 407:2005 Contact heat 1
EN 407:2005 Convective heat x
EN 407:2005 Radiant heat x
EN 407:2005 Small splashes of molten metal x
EN 407:2005 Large masses of molten material x
Gloves funcional index Touch
Gloves funcional index Cold protection
Gloves funcional index 100% waterproof
Gloves funcional index General use
Gloves funcional index Reinforcement
Gloves funcional index Hot protection
Gloves funcional index Cut protection