EN388:2016 Abrasion
EN388:2016 Cut resistance
EN388:2016 Tear resistance
EN388:2016 Puncture resistance
EN388:2016 Cut resistance
EN 420:2003+A1:2009 Category
UNE-EN 388:2004 Abrasion
UNE-EN 388:2004 Blade Cut Resistance
UNE-EN 388:2004 Tear resistance
UNE-EN 388:2004 Puncture Resistance
EN 407:2005 Inflammability
EN 407:2005 Contact heat
EN 407:2005 Convective heat
EN 407:2005 Radiant heat
EN 407:2005 Small splashes of molten metal
EN 407:2005 Large masses of molten material
EN 407:2020 Inflamabilidad
EN 407:2020 Calor por contacto
EN 407:2020 Calor convectivo
EN 407:2020 Calor radiante
EN 407:2020 Pequeñas salpicaduras de metal fundido
EN 407:2020 Grandes masas de material fundido

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OTRAS ACTIVIDADES There are 9 products.

  • Glove with Shoeller® Keprotec reinforcement on side.
    Made of best pigmented goat leather combined with 100% polyester breathable mesh.
    Reflective patches on index and ring fingers.
    Thermoplastic on knuckle area.
    Elastic wrist with adjustable adhesive strip.
  • Glove entirely made of best quality leather.
    It features thermoformed reinforcement with carbon leather coating on knuckles.
    Padded reinforcement on exposed areas in case of impact.
    Waterproof, breathable and windproof membrane.
    Warm polyester lining similar to polar fleece and thermal insulat ing foam.
    Rubber strap on thumb to...
  • Glove made of Taslan-type polyamide fabric with grain leather on palm.
    Thinsulate® thermal insulation and warm polyester lining.
    It features a waterproof, breathable and windproof membrane.
    Anti-loss elastic ribbon.
    Elastic wrist adjustment.
  • Glove made of grain leather with water-repellent treatment.
    Leather reinforcements.
    Chainsaw cut protection on both hands.
    Sewn with Kevlar® thread.
    Adhesive strip adjustment on safety cuff.
    Anti-loss elastic ribbon.
  • Glove with palm and back made of best quality grain leather with water-repellent and fire-resistant treatment.
    Grain leather reinforcement with water-repellent treatment on back.
    16-cm-long split leather safety cuff with water-repellent treatment.
    Sewn with Kevlar® thread.
    15 cm Kevlar® cuff.
    Kevlar® lining on palm.

  • Glove with amara synthetic leather palm.
    Back made of bi-elastic polyamide with high resistance to tear.
    Shoeller® Keprotec padded reinforcements on knuckles, back of fingers and palm.
    Best quality leather between fingers.
    Elastic wrist adjustment.
    Dyntex® lining for cut protection on palm.
  • Glove with fire-retardant, best quality grain leather on palm.
    Water-repellent Nomex® Ripstop back.
    Padded protection on phalanges and knuckles.
    12 cm safety cuff.
    Full Shield® lining until wrist for cut and heat protection.
    Adjustable elastic wrist and adhesive strip adjustment on safety cuff.
  • Under trousers made of technical fabric consisting of hollow fib re.
    With silver ions for antibacterial effect.
    6 ventilation ducts allowing sweat drainage.
    Insulating air cushion.
    Composition: 82% polyester - 13% polyamide - 5% elastane.
    Cotton feel.
  • Long-sleeve under T-shirt made of technical fabric consisting of hollow fibre.
    With silver ions for antibacterial effect.
    6 ventilation ducts allowing sweat drainage.
    Insulating air cushion.
    Composition: 82% polyester, 13% polyamide and 5% elastane seamless.
    Cotton feel.