TB 3.0

New Catalogue, new technology

In this new, general Tomás Bodero catalogue we aim to take a step further and present a combined support. Always at the forefront of innovation and technology, we have developed a new concept regarding the printed catalogue. Therefore, this new print incorporates image recognition through a screenshot taken from our Tomás Bodero application. You can download this application for free at the App Store or at Google Play. A new use in the market to get more information about the products with a tool that is very easy to use. You will be able to get all the extra information you need.

Beework B-Safe

1. Download App

Download the TB application onto your mobile or tablet.

Beework B-concept

2. Open and capture

It is very easy to use, just open the application, frame any model in this catalogue with the TB capture logo and capture it. It is that easy.

Beework B-Free

3. Inmediate Link

The application immediately identifies the model in question and takes us to its virtual fact sheet. You will need an Internet connection.

Beework B-clear

4. Enjoy the connect

You can go back to the application and capture another model.

Web responsive

TB continually updates its websites and blogs to optimise its presence with an intensive flow of information. In line with the 3.0 philosophy, our webs and blogs promote interactivity with those who browse the Internet, allowing us to share information on the main social networks and get feedback from a virtual community developed around Tomás Bodero.

Interactivity allows us to share key messages like the use of gloves, because the best about PPE’s is that they are no good if they are not used. TB 3.0 inspires TB’s pedagogical vocation.