Tomás Bodero Gloves

Tomás Bodero Gloves

TB, solutions for hand protection in the industrial sector. TB was founded in 1973 and since then we have carried out a policy of technological and commercial alliances with internationally prestigious brands. We work on a daily basis to research, develop, strengthen and take care of the different solutions and hand protection that we put on the market. Here we present you with our 3 product ranges: Plus, 10Plus and Hybrid. The Hybrid range of products is the beginning of a new way, of a superior category to perfect protection. Welcome to the era in which we go from covering a risk to covering a scale of risks.

Tomás Bodero

Range with all the TB basics. All of the articles go through exhaustive controls at source and in our laboratories to always ensure maximum quality. We seek to develop products that combine good design with suitable functionality at the right cost.

Tomás Bodero

This is the TB superior range. The use of high performance materials allows us to develop gloves with greater features, durability and resistance. A product from this range effectively guarantees that the risk it is designed for is totally covered. We work on a daily basis to achieve better features for all types of jobs.

Tomás Bodero

We have gone from experience to inspiration because our vast know-how in each task has led us to understand that, sometimes, the risk the protection was designed for leaves out other adjacent risks that, in a new scale, once the main one has been covered, entail dangers that are no less important.

Tomás Bodero Gloves

>Bee Work Shoes

BeeWork, solutions for feet protection with natural resistance. BeeWork footwear has organic concepts incorporated into its design that have been working in nature for millions of years, the result of which are comfort, stability and anti-slip features unknown until now. Elements like “Elephant foot”, “Flexion Line” and “Anti slip Barrier” make this footwear unique and special.

Beework B-Safe
Beework B-concept
Beework B-Free
Beework B-clear

Tomás Bodero Gloves

>Ropa de trabajo Cerva

Cerva, with its years of experience in the sector, its continuous innovation and its wide range offer the market a wide range of workwear. Through a perfect hybrid between technical fabrics, careful details and comprehensive solutions, the brand provides workers with comfort and functionality.

Cerva Accesories
Cerva high visivility
Cerva Basics
Cerva Standard

Dermik Gloves

>Dermik Gloves

Dermik, singles use PPEs with differential attributes. The gloves have a scale of thicknesses adapted to each task and, with the ergonomic design, we achieve greater elasticity and resistance that allow us to maintain maximum touch sensitivity for short-term tasks. The result is that we obtain greater movement accuracy whilst protecting the hand and the handled product. Now, algo FFP2 and FFP3 type masks that fit and give the user high-efficiency respiratory protection.

Dermik Gloves Nitrilo
Dermik Gloves Latex
Dermik Gloves Vinilo

Dragon Gloves

>Dragon Gloves

Dragon, solutions for those who are always in direct contact with danger. Dragon was designed in 1999, developing a new, complete range that covers most of the risks that the police, security forces or fire brigades face on a daily basis.

Dragon Gloves Bomberos
Dragon Gloves Policia
Dragon Gloves Otras actividades